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Cashier Interview Questions in Greensboro, NC

"Employers are looking to hire cashiers with great customer service skills and experience handling cash. In preparation for an interview, come ready to answer role-play questions that will assess your ability to appease difficult customers under stressful circumstances. Make sure to showcase a positive and easy-to-work-with attitude that will convince your interviewer you're right for the job."

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Why would you leave your old job where you were making more money as a full time status?

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I worked in textiles and the company was sending jobs to China, I need a job that will not close down to move overseas.

Why the food retail business?

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What is one negative quality you have? Like what is one bad characteristic.

why do I want to work for freds

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Asked about specific experiences not just what would you do if

They don't really ask any difficult questions.

Describe a situation where you and a coworker/family member/friend had a difference of opinions. How did you resolve the issue?

it would be keeping the job and also what to do on the job by it being your first time working the job then going through the training and trying to learn everything on the training and then going through the interview and filling out the computerize application.

they were all pretty easy

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