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Recruiter Interview Questions in Greensboro, NC

"Companies and agencies are looking to hire recruiters with the industry knowledge and interpersonal skills to source, interview, and hire qualified job candidates. When interviewing for a recruitment position, expect to be asked about your sales experience and customer service experience, as having skills in these departments is essential to becoming a good recruiter who can sell jobs to the right candidates."

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Describe your experience

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Went through my experience

Typical interview questions, tell me about yourself? this is what we require. How little can we pay you?

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In the One on One with the DBO you are asked for an example of how you have lived each of the core values of Teksystems, which they explained to everyone in the Open House. In the panel interview which was the most difficult, you are asked many standard interview questions, and then some nontraditional ones as well. Expect the "what is your biggest failure and your greatest weakness" questions, and also specific personal questions in which their goal is to "lock you down" and make sure you are dedicated enough for the position.

What we you looking for employment

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Be prepared to speak about yourself (strengths, past experiences) during the interview. Be able to confidently state why you would be an asset to the company

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Why are you looking to leave your next job? Tell me more about your customer service experience. Do you have any phone calling experience? Are you comfortable with up selling?

Several questions were very personal. For example, I was asked how I had paid for my masters degree which I answered but felt was very personal and irrelevant to the position. Many questions also revolved around sales techniques.

do you like to win or do you hate to lose?

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