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Store Manager Interview Questions in Greensboro, NC

"When interviewing candidates for the role of store manager, employers are looking for positive leaders that can steer the team towards assisting customers, managing merchandise, and keeping the operation moving smoothly. In an interview context, be prepared to answer questions about your ability to sell a product, resolve issues, and create an enjoyable work environment with strong customer service. You should also be ready to discuss any previous experience in sales or retail."

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What is one of your weakest traits?

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Think of a trait that isn't obvious. I said my mouth. I speak my mind. This can be a really good thing or not.

What would you do if your morning cashier called out, the safe was $500 short and your DM wants to know why and your fresh departments are blown out?

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How many hours are you expecting to work

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Q: how do you live your adventure? Q: What does the term GUIDE mean to you? That kind of stuff

Asked about my background, situational type questions, relocation questions. Typical questions, nothing difficult. Asked me the salary range I was expecting and stated the salary range to me which matched, when offered the job the salary was much less and not in the range at all.

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Basic interview question about what I’ve done in the past and how I’d handle certain situations

How have handled a difficult employee in the past

In the first interview, the questions are behavioral. Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer. How would you handle and angry customer? Tell me about your experience. What is your motivation. What is your weakness?

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Where did you work before

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