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Imagine dropping a Rubik's Cube into a bucket of paint. How many of the cubes will get paint on them?

7 Answers

20, 8 corners, 8 middle edges, 4 centers. the cube in the middle does not get painted.

26, or all of them. since the rubik's cube is as a 3x3 and the core is basically none existent, this is only if all the individual cubes are actually cubes. but since each individual piece is not actually a cube, but a puzzle piece that is cube like, you can technically say 1 cube gets paint on it. the whole rubik's cube

26: 8 corners, 12 middle edges, 6 centers. middle cube does not get paint. 3x3x3-1

why do you deserve a job here?

2 Answers

what are your weaknesses?

1 Answer

The most difficult question for me to answer was, " why are you making this career change at this time in your life ? " I was uncertain as to whether or not they would believe my sincerity..

1 Answer

Why should i hire you?

1 Answer

What hours i wanted and if i wanted full or part time.

1 Answer

Previous experience?

1 Answer

Why do you want to leave your job to come here?

1 Answer

what do you do in the event of a threat. ie. bomb, robbery, unruly guest.

1 Answer

Nothing, basically got handed the job.

1 Answer
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