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Pet Groomer was asked...April 20, 2013

How would you handle a unsatisfied customer

3 Answers

I will sincerely apologize to let him know that although I worked hard to fulfill her request, I still could not satisfy her and asked her what I could help. It is possible to ask my other work partners for help, to provide useful advice, to meet her requirements without affecting the next customer appointment. If there is not enough time, I will ask the manager for help to see if I can send her some free items or coupons, or re-schedule. If the client does not believe that my ability can be what she imagined, then it may be necessary to replace other colleagues to help him solve the problem and serve her. Less

I would apologize and do everything in my power to provide a better service to which the customer will give a positive feedback. Less

I would have to revert to my customer service training and experience and determine what the customer is unsatisfied with and direct the customers attention to the appropriate personal that will best resolve the issue Less


if the vending machine gave you an extra soda, what would you do with it?

2 Answers

give it to management and inform them that machine is broken.

Give it to the management

Dog Groomer was asked...February 12, 2016

Do I like dogs?

2 Answers

Yes. My best friend is one.

Absolutely! My dog is my best friend.

JetStream Ground Services
Groomer was asked...October 13, 2016

Can you stand for long periods of time and walk up and down stairs carrying heavy items

2 Answers




How long have you been grooming.

2 Answers

I attended grooming college in Iowa. The program was August thru May. So I groomed dogs from day 1 to March. I broke my leg and couldn’t finish the last 4 weeks unfortunately Less

I spoke with a manager at PetSmart about going through college and I was informed I would still have to go thru your program last December on a holiday. Less

Oh My Dog! Grooming Spa

How long have I been grooming

1 Answers

At the time I was a groomer for 4 years

how long have you been dog grooming?

1 Answers

for 10 years


Asked how I would deal with drama

1 Answers

Talk to manager


If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

1 Answers

The ability to communicate with animals. It would be useful for easing anxious dogs. Less


How would you handle an aggressive dog you had to groom.

1 Answers

" I would try to calm it and if the problem persisted I would see how the manager wanted to handle it" It was a trick question, they don't accept aggressive dogs and just want to know how people would react in certain unexpected situations. Less

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