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What makes you passionate about animals?

3 Answers

I believe we as humans are put here to care for animals. We are they voice.

I love animals because I think their fur is so cute; I love fur! Also because their action can sometimes be careless and they are entertaining. Animals are cute, fun, and loveable. I love how animals just want to be loved and want to love humans. So do i!

Animals are caring and show comfort when you need it. No matter if a person accidentally bumps or steps on them they are still so passionate.

if the vending machine gave you an extra soda, what would you do with it?

2 Answers

Do I like dogs?

2 Answers

How long have you been grooming.

2 Answers

How long have I been grooming

1 Answer

Are you experienced with animals

1 Answer

Favorite/least favorite thing about your last job

1 Answer

how long have you been dog grooming?

1 Answer

If I had experience

1 Answer

Experience with animals in the past?

1 Answer
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