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LA Fitness
Group Fitness Instructor was asked...December 4, 2017

Why do you want to teach group fitness classes?

2 Answers

Fitness is my passion and knowing that my students will continue to learn new fitness dance and keep them motivated and they will achieve there goals in life. Less

I have a passion for fitness. After a serious knee injury the only thing the doctor would allow me to do was cycle. I would go into the cycling room and practice my old routines from when I taught classes in college. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed teaching, and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Less

24 Hour Fitness

How would you deal with individuals that disrupt your class?

2 Answers

Don't interrupt your teaching to deal with it

Deal with low-level disruptions by using positive language.

University of Arizona

What makes you qualified for the position

1 Answers

My previous experiences, certifications, and outgoing personality

PRO Club

I do not remember the interview questions but my first audition was ok ( I was oddly nervous) so they asked me to audition again.

1 Answers

I auditioned again and got the job.

EoS Fitness

I was asked about my Les Mills experience.

1 Answers

I told her how long I had been teaching Les Mills formats and where. I acknowledged that I had not taught Les Mills since COVID began but would love to find a great facility to begin again. Less


What is your 5 year plan?

1 Answers

To keep building my skills and grow in my field


Why I was interested in teaching at the YMCA

1 Answers

Lifetime user of the Y and love the mission.

LA Fitness (UK)

The Interviewer tried to ask me to audition for formats that I am not able to teach.

1 Answers

I told her no.

LA Fitness

Why don't you have a regular weekly assignment now?

1 Answers

This employer's pay scale is equal to entry-level, newer instructors yet they want highly experienced, popular instructors Less

In-Shape Health Clubs

what hours can you work, do you need to pick up your kids, what makes you think you would be a good candidate, what certifications do you have

1 Answers


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