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Experience with children/ what are your values

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*Tell them what they want to hear*

I worked in afterschool program in Richmond, San Pablo. Also did individual tutoring for low income students. I believe learning takes place when you meet kids at their level. Learning comes from more than books. Sports are good for exercise, teamwork, perseverance, hands on toys help with motor coordination and complement book learning. Students need to learn good values like honesty, respect, hard work, responsibility, perseverance which they can with team sports, hands on activities

Teamwork, compassion, perseverance, hard work, responsibility, respect which kids should be taught through team activities and learning about different cultures and people

How would you help a struggling student?

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Describe a time you worked outside company policy.

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Have you had experience working with kids before?

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What is an instances that you had to deal with a difficult child

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The aptitude test was timed and requires actual work/ thinking.

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Tell me about a time where you had to take a leadership role within a group?

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Typical background and situational questions. How I'd approach problems, on boarding etc,

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Was there ever a time that there was miscommunication between you and a person?

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name a time you have multiple tasked

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