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What do brand advertisers care about most?

1 Answer

Brand Advertisers care about their brand levers the most i.e. brand equity, reach, engagement, conversion(depending on leads/sign ups etc) and sales(the most important). If Brand Advertisers are able to track the effectiveness of their dollars they are spending on a platform in context of these levers, they will invest more advertising dollars. Also the format/experience matters as well where they need want to get the liberty to engage their audience and reflect their brand image. This is a tricky area where the platform has to maintain the sanctity of the platform and brands are pushing for more room.

What's the most technical thing you've ever done?

1 Answer

Should Microsoft develop software solutions for the restaurant industry?

Describe a situation where you had to resolve a conflict.

Outline the key skills for a product manager and provide a self-assessment for each skill.

Provide examples of innovative marketing promotions you have run in past

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Why I left my last job?

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