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Hadoop Administrator/Developer was asked...November 14, 2015

Java Based Questions, Explain OOPS Concepts, Interface, Given a CSV text file how would write code to display the Second column Values. Other than java, which programming language you know to write this programme.

1 Answers

The OOPS Concepts and Interface questions are pretty simple to answer. For the CSV file, a quick and dirty solution would be to use a file reader to read the file line by line, split on the comma and print out index 1 of the list resulting from the split. (index starts at 0) Easiest alternative to Java is python, which is pretty much exactly the same method. This is by no means the most efficient implementation Less


What you know about Hive

1 Answers

Hive is an SQL-like mapping over HDFS data, it uses MapReduce underneath to execute queries. Less


Basic about Hadoop Environment,Roles and responsibility,Day to Day Activities in the Hadoop.

1 Answers

I have prepared well for interview and give all the answers

Cognizant Technology Solutions

The technical round was quite easy they asked basic things about Hadoop Architecture, Cloudera Administration,Security setup using kerbros, NameNode HA

1 Answers

I answered most of the questions asked

Aptus Data Labs

Questio asked regarding the Big data Mapr Distribution and mainly for snapshot.

1 Answers

I give answer of all questions.


What are the basic demons of hadoop?

1 Answers

Namenode , Secondary namenode , Job Tracker , Datanode , Task Tracker. Explained the use of the demons and also how many NN can a cluster have. Explained about the ecosystem tools I used and the troubleshooting things Some basic linux command and write a script to copy files. How to copy file from one cluster to another Less

Gaian Solutions India

Started about the cluster installation : deep questions into installation Yarn : how can we you docker for containerization.

1 Answers

It went well


How do you automate a particular process if you haven't use before a particular tool

1 Answers

I would automate that process using shell scripts and ansible

Optratec Technologies

They asked mostly about hive and its Queries and how u have backed up data using cludera Manager and hdfa commamds

1 Answers

I answered it correctly tly

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Salary expectations - unprofessional behaviour and no hike

1 Answers

No hike given on my current package

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