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Mostly about Hadoop technologies HDFS, MapReduce, Hbase, Hive.

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Hello, Thank you for your interest in Nisum and taking the time to provide feedback. We take all input very seriously here at Nisum, and would like to take this opportunity to help clarify the situation you've referenced. As we discussed and was conveyed to you, Nisum (like many other firms looking for excellent talent) believes in offering the best offer to a candidate after a thorough technical and behavioral assessment. After our evaluation, we found that there was misalignment in expectations between parties. Your expectations seemed to be based on hearsay about working on the west coast. There was also an apparent mismatch between your current views as a contractor versus joining as a full time employee. Finally, we did not say that "you are eligible for less salary." A formal offer was never extended as we could not meet each other's expectations. We apologize if you believe that the interview process was not as you'd hoped. Again, thank you for your interest in Nisum Technologies! Wishing you the best! Nisum HR

Years of experience past project experience

What is MapReduce, What is the difference between Hadoop and Traditional RDBMS

Explain the project that you recently implemented in Production,

What is RDD?

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How did you use scoop

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if i was ok lying on my experience and resume in order to get higher rate so that they can charge client more and keep all of it and give me crumbs

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