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Dartmouth Interviews in Hanover

www.jobs.dartmouth.edu /  HQ: Hanover, NH

32 Interviews in Hanover (of 56)

2.9 Average

Bridgewater Associates Interviews in Hanover

www.bridgewater.com /  HQ: Westport, CT

5 Interviews in Hanover (of 552)

3.2 Average

McKinsey & Company Interviews in Hanover

www.mckinsey.com /  HQ: New York, NY

3 Interviews in Hanover (of 2,477)

3.7 Difficult

Interview Questions in Hanover

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If we hired you today as an operator, would you accept it knowing that that's all you will be doing?

2 Answers

Yes, and I would work very hard to achieve all the goals I would need to in order to advance my career at Hypertherm.

I don't have any problem to do every kind of work

How do you deal with SLA enforcement?

1 Answer

What would cause you to quit TFA?

1 Answer

No specific question asked

1 Answer

One of the cases involved a graph that was given to me half-way through and was a bit complex - it also required that we refer back to numbers given at the very beginning of the case to calculate the correct outcomes. Be aware!

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

The final round was a group case interview. It was a really interesting way to see how people work together

how would you define yourself as a scientist?

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