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What is your salary expectation?

2 Answers

Just tell them you are expecting what fits your qualifications. Never give them an exact figure.

Tell them that you don't mind your overall compensation to decrease year after year. Say that you'll be happy with no adjustments for inflation, regular salary cuts, smaller and smaller bonuses, cuts to the company 401K contributions, cuts to the share purchase program, reductions in benefits, no possibilty of any other form of recognition and elimination of all training programs. Explain that you don't mind learning on your own time and that if HP designates you as a mobile worker to save on office costs, then you don't mind paying for your own Internet access, business phone line in your home, and for all travel and supplies that you need to get your job done. Finally, also explain that you don't care if the maximum vacation you can accrue is reduced and are quite happy to schedule the little vacation you have during mandatory company shutdowns. If you need vacation during other times, you are quite willing to forego your salary so that you can spend time with your family. Answering this question in this manner will assure your immediate hire into HP.

What is the difference between Gerber formats RS-274 and RS-274X?

1 Answer

Describe a challenging project you were involved in and how did you arrive at the solution

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What makes you different than the other candidates?

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What would prevent you from accepting the offer?

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What do you see yourself doing in 5 years from now?

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1.Inverted temperature effect on STA. the question was based on temperature effects on delay below 65nm technology. how STA works under those conditions at different corners. 2. An interesting question about how latency affects jitter. 3. Maximums kew allowed when lock up latches are used. 4. OCV n questions based on it. 5. CRPR. 6. how does a cell get min n max delay? 7. spef file contents, questions about star-rd extractor working. 8. Internship exp based questions.

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I do not remember the actual verbiage, but the question related to having failures in my FPGA designs.

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