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What makes you different than the other candidates?

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My long years of experience as an Electrical Engineer in Silicon Valley makes me feel I can be a very skillful and knowledgeable asset to any employer.

1.Inverted temperature effect on STA. the question was based on temperature effects on delay below 65nm technology. how STA works under those conditions at different corners. 2. An interesting question about how latency affects jitter. 3. Maximums kew allowed when lock up latches are used. 4. OCV n questions based on it. 5. CRPR. 6. how does a cell get min n max delay? 7. spef file contents, questions about star-rd extractor working. 8. Internship exp based questions.

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What is the difference between Gerber formats RS-274 and RS-274X?

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What do you see yourself doing in 5 years from now?

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Describe a challenging project you were involved in and how did you arrive at the solution

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Q: What does a capacitor look like at high frequency?

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Smith chart basics. Intermodulation products. Digital modulation schemes and their BER. Opamps. Transistor basics. LNA and PA design questions.

Tell me about a time you failed and what you learned from the experience.

"How did you handle a situation where a project was really going wrong, and a milestone due date was fast approaching?"

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None. My Phone interview was pretty straight forward. In the end, it was complete waste of my time.It is one of those companies whom I thought were unprofessional and not completely honest during the interview process. On site interview was twice postponed by the HR citing difficulty in scheduling. If you are not interested, then just let the candidate/s know rather than wasting their time. This interview was a great disappointment. I have NEVER experience a company that has such a poor process

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