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What are the effects of a mismatched circuit?

3 Answers

unwanted heat and intermodulation products

IIP2 & DC Offsets

Mismatched circuits can produce excess heat, DC offsets, intermodulation products, and other unwanted complications.

How do you represent a real-world quantity in a digital system?

1 Answer

Describe a circuit that implements the following truth table using only NAND gates. A B OUT 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1

6 Answers

Describe a function to check if an integer is a power of 2.

5 Answers

If you have a 600 digit number with only 0's and 1's, and exactly 300 1's, can the number be a square?

5 Answers

If you increase the width of a PCB trace, does it decrease or increase the trace impedance?

3 Answers

A single-elimination tennis tournament has n teams. How many games will be played before there is a winner?

3 Answers

10 Gbytes of 32-bit numbers on a magnetic tape, all there from 0 to 10G in random order. You have 64 32 bit words of memory available: design an algorithm to check that each number from 0 to 10G occurs once and only once on the tape, with minimum passes of the tape by a read head connected to your algorithm.

3 Answers

Actually all of the questions were standard interview questions that any company would ask. That is something that surprised me, I was expecting more brain power questions. The only challenge was the amount of people needed to interview and how unorganized the process was. The biggest challenge was all the waiting and the amount of work requested for design project. It was a horrific waste of time for both me and Apple.

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What is your salary expectation?

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