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Interview questions in Harrisonburg, VA

James Madison University Interviews in Harrisonburg

www.jmu.edu /  HQ: Harrisonburg, VA

20 Interviews in Harrisonburg (of 33)

2.8 Average

Rosetta Stone Interviews in Harrisonburg

www.rosettastone.com /  HQ: Arlington, VA

11 Interviews in Harrisonburg (of 69)

3.4 Difficult

Target Interviews in Harrisonburg

www.target.com /  HQ: Minneapolis, MN

8 Interviews in Harrisonburg (of 10,261)

2.9 Average

Interview Questions in Harrisonburg

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Is the customer always right?

1 Answer

I said yes and no and explained why.

What would you do if you thought someone had stole something?

1 Answer

I was asked the favorite thing I had ever written, which surprised me, since I had turned in three writing samples of my favorites, and had said on my resume I had 11 years of professional writing experience.

1 Answer

Give an example of a time that you used collaboration to solve a problem.

1 Answer

What is an open-ended question?

1 Answer

"Tell me about yourself" is always the hardest.

1 Answer

Willing to take an unexpected aptitude test.

1 Answer

Why have you chosen to apply for an academic position, when you have been working as a professional for so many years?

1 Answer

What do you expect from a company?

1 Answer

If you were in charge, how would you handle this?

1 Answer
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