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Bethel Christian Academy Nursery School
Head Pre-K Teacher was asked...December 11, 2011

What is your educational philosophy

1 Answers

Early education is a passion for me, I love seeing to children learn and develop into their potential goals in life. Children love seeing a person who is interested in them and I always strive to be one of those people. Less


Why do you want to work in Numoni?

3 Answers

And my prayers to you too. May God forgive our sins inflicted to ourself and others and protect our famillies at all times. For He is the provider and He never fails. And may our hearts be guarded at all times for everything flows from the heart. Less

The products in the website were innovative and appealing.

Doctored comments ... Hahaha

Springer Nature Technology and Publishing Solutions

How will you bring change in the organisation without creating turbulance

5 Answers

what a dumb question and what a dumb answer.. its like asking Q: How well would you obey us? A: Sir, 100% Less

why is this dumb

Make a questionnaire of the desired changes and circulate it across the organization at all the levels.get the feedback and go ahead if positive inclination or make changes and have suggestions as per the feedback Less

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Een aantal vragen over mijn achtergrond, inzoemend naar specifieke situaties en hoe ik omging met bepaalde situaties. Digitale/e-commerce vaardigheden waren belangrijke pluspunten waar ze meer over wilde weten. En vervolgens enkele "wat als...?" vragen, zoals "wat als je de CEO was van klant X, welke 3 dingen zou je veranderen in de huidige strategie en werkwijze? Meest verrassende vraag: " Wat is het beste boek dat je ooit hebt gelezen?"

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Pinkeltje in Pornoland ! Geweldig

Toni Morrison - Beloved

Machiavelli in Brussels.

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Sovereign Housing Association

What is the most important thing I would I expect from my boss

3 Answers

Honest , loyal and supportive


Together we can make right


After some shadowing and basic knowledge, we explored how to best grow and begin to get ROI from new outbound channels. Would not have been an easy question for a junior Marketer.

3 Answers

Based on experience with outbound channels I answered on what I expected ROI to be through personal experience and knowledge of industry averages. Less

This review feels false. Did the CEO write this? A good marketer would need more data to answer the expected ROI on a program question. Without data, this is a useless question. Less

No, I was a real candidate who got a real offer and am in no way affiliated with the company currently. I understand your point and agree that being data-driven is always important to a Marketer, however I think data-driven decision making is implicit in the term ROI. For any company there are key growth metrics like CAC which there is an industry standard in SaaS and if you know that number you can very easily extrapolate backward to necessary floor of ROI per channel. A good marketer would try to work to discover a ceiling and continue to improve outbound channels, but if you fell below a cost/pipeline ratio for an unhealthy CAC you should reassess investing in that channel. Less

CVS Health

Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

3 Answers

Perhaps I will become a manager of a store.


Inside your child, or children.

Landmark Group

The most common questions are about yourself, what you can contribute to the company if you are selected and why they will hire you.

2 Answers


i will give to department for my best and best.

Abu Dhabi Education Council

How would I deal with students who may not understand the value of education?

3 Answers

I explained that I'd create an effective academic space condusive to learning where students could foster a yearning for more knowledge. I'd teach in a way that relates to individual learning styles and applicable to their reality. Less

I always believe in " purposes/reasons " if one knows why they are doing something, it takes on a whole new meaning. Children can be very self observant. Therefore, if you bring the focus to them and ask them why they are here, why did you get out of bed to be here, what is in your back pack who put it there and why? Make it all about them, it worked for me for many years. Yes,yes, yes, the environment plays a huge role in a child's acceptance to wanting to be part of it. Have them help set it up. Allow them to be part of the decisions about their home away from home. Less

Yes that's very true and once they are able to understand class systems, acceptable behaviors, begin to show growth and development and the ability to speak English, you then may very well take that extra step in having them become more autonomous with how they want to learn and be more hands on with decision making..the key is consistency, organized systems, behavior and classroom management and then everything else falls into place.. Less

Forestry Commission

How do you handle deadlines?

3 Answers

How flexible are you?

I make sure that I do my work on time and correctly to avoid procrastination, I use to work fast but efficiently as possible Less

I am so flexible In a way that I may handle multiple projects at a time, generally I do one project at a time. All of my work requires collaboration, so I use team environment to check for errors, that make me to bring out the best results in any project in any environment. Less

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