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what would you do when a customer asks you for an item and you don't know where this item is?

1 Answer

I'm sorry sir/ma'am I don't know where the item is but let me get someone that can help you.

What is your favorite drink?

1 Answer

You have been given several tasks. Several of them include facing the dairy department, Scanning Out of Stocks and handling a class one recall. Which of these do you do first and why?

1 Answer

How would you handle a difficult customer.

tell me about your strengths.

1 Answer

What do you do if a customer ordered a deli tray, comes to pick it up, and the deli tray was not made?

Why do you want to work for Safeway?

1) my strengths 2) my weaknesses and how I deal with them 3) why I want to work for Rutgers 4) why should they hire me (what makes me the best candidate 5) computer skills

1 Answer

Describe a difficult employee situation and how you resolved it.

1 Answer
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