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Human Resources Manager/Human Resources Executive/Senior Executive Human Resources/Human Resources Head was asked...January 29, 2016

What did you take action to make employees in discipline?

1 Answers

Our standard action like giving warning letter & show cause notices,Making circular etc. Less

Plaza Premium Group

Info Security related questions. How Cyber Security frame work is applied. Audit of Cyber security.

1 Answers

I had explainded about ISO 270001 and CISA procedures

Napier Healthcare

Ability to handle teams

1 Answers

How did you answer this question? (Optional)

IFFCO Kisan Sanchar

Why You changed so many jobs? Which Department would you like To join?

1 Answers

I changed jobs for Career growth and package, i told them i can lead Both The sales and Content teams and can do Recruitment Development and productivity of New team Less


What will you do in your first 100 days

1 Answers

Improve the IT system in place and make as big an impact as I can


How would you launch a city alone within 15 days for Uber operations

1 Answers

By onboarding as many drivers as possible by the use of driver referral incentive to reach at least 10% of the city supply and let the onboarded drivers shout about the product to clients by introducing driver client referral incentive. Less


When you are sending your pdf of your resume as online resume was visible to them then also

1 Answers

Said use link only no PDF if it's not visible then let me know.

Visible Alpha

Towards the end, one of the questions that I was asked was, “What if there’s someone that doesn’t want to connect or work with you?” To which I asked, “Is this a common occurrence at Visible Alpha.” They didn’t answer. Instead they just repeated the question.

1 Answers

I responded that “It’s important to keep it professional. While finding opportunities or openings where potential inroads could be built for at least a shared understanding.” Less

Nothing challenging

1 Answers


Saud Bahwan Group

Depth of knowledge on the proposed role and past roles

1 Answers

Proper understanding the market growth and demand.will be implemented Statagic marketing plans with cost effective. Monitor the enquiries with evaluation though conversation ratio. Ensuring the 100% customer satisfaction. Less

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