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How would you deal with a child who doesn't care. How would you make sure all families cultures are represented in the classroom.

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First of all I would try to find out why the child doesn't care...are they being cared for at home? Is the attention going to other younger, new sibilings etc? Or they truly have this attitude all the time? I would ask a special need coordinator to check out the child and find out if it could be a mental delay or get input from a psycologist if the child may have past trauma. In order to include a more diverse culturally represented classroom I would ask the children to bring an item from home that they care about and why. And then possibly based on what they child who doesn't "care" seems to bring extend on activities in the classroom

Why I had interest to apply for this position far away from home? What was my experience working with children? How I will handle difficult situations?

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Time when you made a suggestion to improve the work. What has been your biggest professional disappointment? Give some examples of teamwork as Teacher Head Start. Example of adaptation to changes and the difficulties. How would you decide on your objectives? What do you like and dislike about Teacher Head Start job we are discussing? How did you get work assignments at your most recent employer?

how would you deal with a child who is not behaving properly?

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What would you do in a class with english language learners?

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What would you do if you saw a child being abused or neglected?

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What is the hardest part about your job as a headstart teacher?

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