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Health Coach was asked...October 13, 2017

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

3 Answers

Hi I had a at home interview for customer service. On google I wondered if you have heard of this. This position matierals are supplied with a check they fed ex. It sharecare Less

I had an interview via Google Hangout with a check sent to my home. Is this how the interview process works? I am very interested in the work at home program. I want to ensure that this is how the interview process is. Less

In a position where I am able to be an expert in my field. Utilizing my education and professional background that allows me to add value to a company or organization. Less

Omada Health

A computer test rating the speed of the computer?

2 Answers

Typing speed test.

In my experience, it was an internet speed test.

First Opinion

About self and medical related

2 Answers




Clinical: someone wants to lose 150 lbs. Do you think that is too ambitious? Culture: do you enjoy fast paced work that is ever changing?

2 Answers

I believe anyone can reach any goal they set out to do. Being a supportive advocate would be one of the benefits in helping someone reach a lofty goal. Less

I believe anyone can reach any goal they set their minds to do. With the right suppose and motivation all goals are achievable. Less


Why I chose to take a break from full time employment in recent years...

1 Answers

Explaining I was taking the opportunity to stay home with my two young children since my husband was able to financially make that work for our finances. Less

Health Coach was asked...November 16, 2015

When can you start?

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Do you have a Health Coaching Certificate?

1 Answers

No, because I have my Degree in Sports Medicine and I actually took an Advanced Neurolinguistics Class to develop a more clinical approach to my coaching. Less

Onlife Health

Why did I want to be a heath and wellness coach?

1 Answers

Because I have a passion for health and fitness and I want to help others find their passion Less

Health Coach was asked...February 27, 2016

What can you bring as an team member to our YMCA?

1 Answers

discussed athletic interests, fitness background

Iora Health
Health Coach was asked...September 3, 2015

Can you come in for a five minute interview?

1 Answers

Considering I live across the US from the location for which I am applying, perhaps a skype interview would be more logical. Less

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