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Do you like programming?

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Yes, I like the creative aspect of programming, etc.

What was your favorite class in undergrade?

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Do you like to program?

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Where will you be in 5 years

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Do you have any hobbies?

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What was your favorite class in undergrad?

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What standards are used in the exchange of electronic health information? what state and national resources might you use to stay informed of the latest developments in e-health?

Nothing specific for the position I applied for. The interview questions did not inquire about my education or relevant experience. They were looking for someone that could code or help with legal. Very casual and lacked any semblance of a traditional interview structure. My application was not forwarded to the California office for the job that I applied for and I never heard back from ARW. They did buy me lunch though.

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Describe any work projects or experience you have in value-based care or payment.

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