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What is the following SQL code trying to do? Please explain (select A.RecipientID B.BeginDate, B.EndDate, B.CountyOfResidence, B.MajorProgram, B.EligibilityType, A.Birthdate, (Case When ((date'2010-12-31' - dhsviews.RecipientsV.Birthdate ) / 365.25) <= 21 then 'Ages 0 through 21' When ((date'2010-12-31' - dhsviews.RecipientsV.Birthdate ) / 365.25) <= 65 then 'Ages 22 through 65' When ((date'2010-12-31' - dhsviews.RecipientsV.Birthdate ) / 365.25) <= 65 then 'Ages 66 and Over' Else 'error' end_ as Age_Category from dhsviews.Recipients V as A, DHSViews.RecipientElibgibility V as B Where A.RecipientID = B.RecipientID and B.MajorProgram IN ('MA', 'NM', 'IM', 'EH') and B.EligibilityStatus IN('A', 'C') and B.BeginDate <= date '2010-12-31' and B.EndDate>= date '2010-01-01' Order by 1,2);

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I believe the SQL query is pulling the following from 2 tables ( A &amp; B) -recipientid through birthdate. The "A." or "B." indicates what column the variable belongs to based on the alias "A" or "B". The Case statements are grouping the ages of the recipient IDs based on their birthdate (12/31/2010-birthdate/365.25). The age categories are 'Ages 0 to 21', 'Ages 22 to 65', 'Ages 66 and over' and any result that does not fit into that category = 'error'. The query identifies the tables to pull from and formally identifying their alias names. WHERE clause matches the records based on "recipientid" from the different tables. There are also filters for major program, eligibility status, begin date, and end date. At the end, order by column 1 - A.RecipientID THEN column 2- B.Begindate

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Do you like programming?

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Where will you be in 5 years

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What was your favorite class in undergrade?

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Do you like to program?

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Do you have any hobbies?

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What was your favorite class in undergrad?

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What standards are used in the exchange of electronic health information? what state and national resources might you use to stay informed of the latest developments in e-health?

Interview 1 (Telephone)- With Senior Manager Actuary Explained the role and responsibilities Can you go through your resume? Then the interviewer asked to explain each experience. Then asked, do have any questions for me Interview 2 (Video) Panel Interview – With 2 Associate Data Analysts and 1 Senior Data Analyst Tell me about yourself How have you worked in a cross-functional team, how you conveyed the technical result/part to non-technical people? Give an example. You have mentioned tableau in your resume, how was your experience with tableau? Can you please explain why do you want to work in healthcare? Can you explain why this position? What is your biggest strength? What is your biggest weakness? Do you have any questions for us? What are your hobbies? Interview 3 (Video)– With Senior Directory Actuary Explained about the company, how it works, business case Tell me about yourself and how you relate your background, experience with this position? Which geographical locations your previous workplaces were? I see that you have knowledge of Machine Learning and Data Mining. I know you are not aware of the model that we are having/working on. I want to know how much time you might require to fully understand the model and become an expert on that, I mean how confidant are you on that? Tell me are you confident that you can do it? Then tell me why you are confident, give me an example? Interview 4: With Senior Manager Actuary Technical Interview(Video) Task 1- Asked to write a SQL query on their internal data set. Query involved aggregation - sum and writing cases in select. Task 2- Showed a VBA script and asked to explain it. Interview 5 (Video)- With Manager from another team. Asked to tell about myself Asked to rate my skills - SQL & Python Asked whether I was having any questions about the role, process, or anything. Interview 6 (Video)- WIth the Team Lead. Asked to tell about myself Technical Task 1- SQL query to get people from all the departments with top 3 salaries. Technical Task 2 - How to get a large amount of data from excel to SQL server. Explained about the role and requirements.

Nothing specific for the position I applied for. The interview questions did not inquire about my education or relevant experience. They were looking for someone that could code or help with legal. Very casual and lacked any semblance of a traditional interview structure. My application was not forwarded to the California office for the job that I applied for and I never heard back from ARW. They did buy me lunch though.

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