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Health Fundraising Organizations interview questions

American Heart Association Interviews /  HQ: Dallas, TX

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Fund for the Public Interest Interviews /  HQ: Boston

110 Interviews

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Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Interviews /  HQ: White Plains, NY

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Given the fact that we have labor union employees here and the labor protects these employees by collective bargaining agreements... how would you deal with a poor perfuming employee whom you have limited influence on?

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I would conduct myself as I would with any problematic employee and managed the process though common performance counseling practices. I would start with informal verbal discussions, documenting these conversations afterwards to myself and HR only. I would do my best to establish a professional relationship with the employee and see if motivational discussions would yield any improvement. Second level of engagement would be a more formal and advertised documented conversations with the employee, stressing the importance that we are a team and we all must contribute our best efforts towards the best interest of the department and company. It would be communicated that further escalating performance discussions would require a higher level of involvement and, should the actions of the employee not be corrected, that further disciplinary actions up to and including termination could result. From this point, it's really in the employees hands to address the issues and resolve them.

If you're given 200 participants to manage, how do you go about working with them?

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What's the color of money???....

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Worried about receiving government funding?

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We discussed their database concerns, delays in getting acknowledgements prepared and mailed to donors and a few other coding concerns. Decision was made jointly that the acknowledgement process was the priority.

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Do you have fundraising experience

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Be prepared for a CIDS style interview i.e. Chronological In-Depth Structured interview. This requires you to answer the same series of questions for everything listed on your resume and application. I was asked questions starting from high school to my current position (spanning the last 15 years of my life). The CIDS style also requires you to rate your previous supervisors by describing their strengths and weaknesses. You will also be asked to list and explain your own strengths and weaknesses.

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Do you ever plan on going back to graduate school?

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Are you married how many kids do you have.

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Very typical generic team building, employee satisfaction, how to motivate employees. One very strange question, what would it mean to you to represent Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans.

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