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Asked about times where you took advantage of an opportunity, where you faced hardship and overcame it. They also ask you a case question that was reflective of a previous project they had. The on-site interview was a short 2-hour super day with 3 interviews including the case

You're obviously not qualified for this position... Why do you think you're qualified?

Case study-like question: What strategies would you recommend for X problem?

In one word describe what a close friend, an acquaintance, and an enemy would say about you

-Why do you want to go into Healthcare Consulting? (I came from a Finance background). -Describe to me what Revenue Cycle Management is. -Are you okay with traveling 4 days a week?

Why Triage - what differentiates us from other firms?

On phone interview was about behavioral questions. Why do you want to be a consultant for our company? What are your strengths?

What are the three service areas in which BSP provides? Define 'economics'. Why did you pick your undergraduate/graduate institution, where else did you apply?

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