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Help Desk Manager was asked...May 1, 2015

How would you handle an upset customer?

1 Answers

Give them the felling that I was taking care of them in every way possible and that I would get back with them until their issues were resolved. Less

Biagi Bros

A computer won't boot up. What are the steps you would take to troubleshoot the problem.

1 Answers

I told them I would check the boot log, then reset the TCP/IP stack, and then if all else failed, do a reinstall of the OS over the existing OS Less

Abacus Technology

Customer service has a negative reputation based on past experience by a former support provider. What steps would you make, how would you raise the level of customer service for the organization?

1 Answers

Empathy, patience and consistency.


How would I handle a question I could not answer, but was expected to give an answer to right away

1 Answers

I replied that I would reach out to my colleages around me and/or other people in the organization to find an answer. Or if that didn't work, or wasn't possible, just tell the customer that I don't have it right away, but I will get back to them as soon as I do. Less

Pueblo City Schools

Whats the best way to handle a client who is very frustrated and you can't do much for them.

1 Answers

Empathy and patience are key to dealing with frustration. If they feel you are on their side they're more likely to think the entire IT team is trying to help them. Less


Could you tell me how to tie my shoe?

1 Answers

I bent down and tied my shoe. As I was going through the process, I told the team leader what I was doing as I was doing it. This question may seem silly, but it says a lot about your ability to communicate troubleshooting steps to your callers. You will have to go into detail when troubleshooting a caller's problem. Less


How would you troubleshoot a problem connecting to a network resource.

1 Answers

There are several questions to ask the customer starting with 'when was the last time you could access this resource? what has changed since then? I would also trying pinging the IP address or perhaps doing an nslookup to see if it might be DNS related problem etc... Less


Caller reports Monitor/Display blacked out; How do you troubleshoot? Microsoft Word fails to launch;How do you troubleshoot?

1 Answers

Verify power and hardware connectors, then check for Sleep Mode Rename | Delete "" file, the relaunch Word Less


"Do you have any reservations reporting to a woman."

5 Answers

This should not matter. Treat it as a "red flag" that may indicate prejudice or a tolerance unprofessional behavior. Less

No problem working under a woman’s guidance

I have worked under many women IT management and they have been awesome.

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Chalk Mountain Services of Texas, LLC

What do you consider a team, how would you describe it?

4 Answers

A group of individuals working together for the common good of the company. Goals being set and accomplished, by each, doing their best together. Less

Team work

Making sure everyone understands and reaches there objective. no one gets left behind Less

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