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One of the interviewers asked me questions about my previous experience. I connected well with him and he could manage to keep eye contact and have his body language correlate with his interest. We optimistically spoke on technologies they had in house that he and I had previously supported. He seemed to want me on board. The other interviewer kept her eyes away from my face and out the window. She also consistently asked questions with explicit answers , (what kind of software have you supported in the past?) RIGHT after reading from my resume. It was like she was reading it over for the first time. I felt very overlooked. I felt like she took one look at me and decided that she didn't want me around. My fault here is that when I stopped talking to the male interviewer, the female one making sure to sit facing away from me slightly had me nervous. I was nervous because I knew from her face alone that I wasn't getting the job.

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Explain in detail how you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Give us an example of when you had to troubleshoot?

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Did you have experience or know of anyone who has experience in the industry?

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most questions were around how one would provide support to customers and/or clients

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If a person had no access to a program what would you do to determine the resolution.

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How would you respond to someone that states their computer is running slow

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