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How would you handle an upset customer?

1 Answer

Give them the felling that I was taking care of them in every way possible and that I would get back with them until their issues were resolved.

A computer won't boot up. What are the steps you would take to troubleshoot the problem.

1 Answer

How would I handle a question I could not answer, but was expected to give an answer to right away

1 Answer

Customer service has a negative reputation based on past experience by a former support provider. What steps would you make, how would you raise the level of customer service for the organization?

1 Answer

Whats the best way to handle a client who is very frustrated and you can't do much for them.

1 Answer

Could you tell me how to tie my shoe?

1 Answer

How would you troubleshoot a problem connecting to a network resource.

1 Answer

Caller reports Monitor/Display blacked out; How do you troubleshoot? Microsoft Word fails to launch;How do you troubleshoot?

1 Answer

"Do you have any reservations reporting to a woman."

5 Answers

What is your weakness

4 Answers
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