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Help Desk Technician II was asked...June 12, 2019

"We would like to confirm that you are still anticipating a start date of July 1st? Also, are there special pay considerations we need to make prior the office interview? We would just like clarification regarding our previous correspondence requesting our pay rate, since we didn’t see a response to our explanation."...

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"Regarding the pay rate; based on the job description that was provided, as well as the more in-depth application process, I get the impression that the demands of this position likely will be greater than many other help desk positions, and so I wanted to explore whether there is any room to increase the starting rate closer to $22 or $23 per hour. However, this is definitely something that can be discussed further once I've gotten a clearer picture of what the job will entail." [application/interview process immediately terminated] Less

Johnson Controls

How would you fix an issues with files not displaying properly with this software

1 Answers

I would ask a co-worker since I am not familiar with it.


Why are you looking to switch careers?

1 Answers

Because I am looking to work in a team environment more so than the autonomous environment I currently work in. Less

Velociter Wireless

Can you describe a time you were asked to do work not in your job description and what the outcome was or how you handled it?

Velociter Wireless

What are you looking for in a company?

Velociter Wireless

What are the advantages and disadvantages to a routed vs a switched network.

Trax USA

Q: Tell us about any technical skills you learned in college. What would you say are your strongest skills?


Nothing really crazy came up, mostly just technical questions makes sure that I knew my stuff

DAS Health

Technical Experience, What version of ticketing system are you use to?

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