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How do you go about troubleshooting, and fixing the problem?

If an employee came to you and demanded their issue be resolved NOW (obviously frustrated), how would you calm the employee and help to resolve their issue realistically? (This issue is something that cannot be resolved in a short period of time)

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Describe some troubleshooting steps you would take if a client reports they are not able to establish any network connectivity.

Describe your strength and weaknesses. Why do you want to work at farmers? Experience in IT.

How do you deal in a team environments?

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They asked technical questions, previous experience, reason leaving the previous job

It really was a conversation. One thing I can recall is that the person did not ask the old tired, "What is your greatest weakness question" you get from all the other recruiters. It was an engaging back and forth conversation.

Personality Question and some technical questions

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How would you use remote desktop to support a customer?

They asked me had I ever supported top-level emergency manufacturing technical issues.

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