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How would you react when you are in a bad mood and a customer comes to you and is not talking to you in a good manner?

2 Answers

I'll be cam and still help the customer but if the customer doesn't gets better i'll call the supervisor and ask him to help the customer.

Roll my eyes first, hiss, then swear at the customer.

What would you do if a user says a computer is not working?

1 Answer

The Career Battery is pointless. It contained questions with multiple correct or feasible answers and the wording or phrasing of the questions was somewhat confusing. I consider myself well versed in the English language and I found myself asking, "what is it that they want to know?"

1 Answer

How would you troubleshoot a printer problem?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself

1 Answer

How would you troubleshoot a remote office where the internet is down and the Brokers need to get to work trading stocks and bonds ect. What would you do?

ipconfig, customer service questions, past experience in IT. Nothing technical.

1 Answer

There were no difficult wuestions; I was prepared for them all.

What do i want to work for Forbes?

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Have you worked for an IT service before?

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