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Division method without using divide operator

4 Answers

int divide(int a,int b){ //should return a/b if (b == 0){ throw new DivisionByZeroException(xxxx);} // or do whatever... if (b == 1){return a;} int i = 1; int temp = b; while (temp

i++ should be before temp=b*i, sorry for error

The other way is to use bitwise operation (>> or >), you are doing division of 2. For example, 01000 represents 8 00100 represents 4 00010 represents 2 00001 represents 1 Hopefully you can understand this.... However, you need to take care of when the denominator is odd- which is very difficult to do. I would recommend my first solution listed above. It is more understandable or less error-prone.

What are your favorite things to do outside work?

1 Answer

Difference between inner joints and outer joints ?

1 Answer

name a time you had to finish a task when you have very little time

1 Answer

One thing I remember being asked was my availability and accountability.

1 Answer

write a program to print pyramid

1 Answer

Databases Concepts Networking Concepts Amazon Leadership Principles

Its against the NDA to disclose questions. The onsite portion is a behavioral interview.

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