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can you host multiple https sites with different domain names but same IP on the same server? how

3 Answers

NO, server cant tell which site is which because traffic is encrypted.

The way question posed, the answer is YES, since you could cover all those https sites with a single certificate. But now this should even work for individual certificates

Yes you can that's what virtual hosting is for.

How would you find a duplicate number in a very large unsorted array of ints.

4 Answers

Division method without using divide operator

5 Answers

I have 9 coins, out of which 8 coins are identical in weight and one is lighter in weight. Is it possible to find the light weight coin with only two weighings, using pan balance?

2 Answers

What is the range of numbers that can be stored using a single byte?

2 Answers

Very basic questions like would you relocate, are you authorized to work in the US.

1 Answer

Unexpected -have you ever written a device driver?

1 Answer

Unexpected question - Guess the number I am thinking of which is between 1 and 100 by asking minimal Yes or No questions.

2 Answers

Tell us about a time you had to migrate a system from on-premise to the cloud? What challenges did you face?

1 Answer

There were no difficult questions. The interview questions asked were to gauge my level of experience with writing test cases, following processes, writing and executing SQL statements, and leading a team.

1 Answer
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