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Amazon Interviews in Herndon

www.amazon.jobs /  HQ: Seattle, WA

90 Interviews in Herndon (of 18,780)

3.5 Difficult

Booz Allen Hamilton Interviews in Herndon

www.boozallen.com /  HQ: Mc Lean, VA

34 Interviews in Herndon (of 1,324)

2.8 Average

IBM Interviews in Herndon

www.ibm.com /  HQ: Armonk, NY

28 Interviews in Herndon (of 7,959)

2.8 Average

Interview Questions in Herndon

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can you host multiple https sites with different domain names but same IP on the same server? how

3 Answers

NO, server cant tell which site is which because traffic is encrypted.

The way question posed, the answer is YES, since you could cover all those https sites with a single certificate. But now this should even work for individual certificates http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication

Yes you can that's what virtual hosting is for. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_hosting

(In response to stating VMware lun sizing best practice) Why would volume management of smaller luns result in lower performance than a large lun (meta)?

1 Answer

How would you find a duplicate number in a very large unsorted array of ints.

4 Answers

Division method without using divide operator

4 Answers

What is the range of numbers that can be stored using a single byte?

2 Answers

What contacts can you bring to our company, i.e. Who is in your Rolodex?

3 Answers

I have 9 coins, out of which 8 coins are identical in weight and one is lighter in weight. Is it possible to find the light weight coin with only two weighings, using pan balance?

2 Answers

Tell us a mistake you made at work

2 Answers

Very basic questions like would you relocate, are you authorized to work in the US.

1 Answer

Presenting XO Cloud solutions.

1 Answer
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