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Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions in Herndon, VA

"Senior software engineers are the most experienced member of a software team and usually carry the most responsibility and authority of that team. Because of this, interviews will be designed to find candidates who have expert knowledge of the field and years of experience as a software engineer. Expect to be asked tough technical questions and to give examples of previous projects that you have worked on."

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Unexpected -have you ever written a device driver?

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Did you read my resume?

Nothing really, very straight forward. They asked me about specific software packages and if I had knowledge of them and if not was I interested in learning about them.

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What you would do if all key developers gone in the middle of the big project?

None were difficult questions, but the the shear amount of idiocy into some of these questions being asked wanted me to hang up and end the conversation right there.

What is the difference between public key and private key cryptography

AngularJS. We talked at length about different aspects of AngularJS including the learning curve, the structure of AngularJS applications, two-way data binding, scope, and dependency injection.

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Describe your experience on one of your J2EE projects

I didn't expect questions about LINQ. Also the questions about SQL required good knowledge.

What software source control systems have you used?