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Systems Administrator Interview Questions in Herndon, VA

"Organizations count on systems administrators to ensure that their computers and software are fully functional. In an interview, expect technical questions that will test your ability to troubleshoot relevant computer issues. Because systems administrators often play the role of customer supporter, be prepared to answer a situational question about dealing with a difficult customer. In addition, make sure to highlight your interpersonal and communication strengths as well as your ability to clearly explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience."

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Tell us a mistake you made at work

2 Answers

Forgot to include new mounted partition in /etc/vfstab and when systm rebooted, it was lost.

The question isn't about the mistake, it is about how you recovered from it and learned from the mistake. Be sure to include your lessons learned.

Where do you see your self in 5 years?

2 Answers

specific to the subject

1 Answer

What is the worst problem you have encountered on your past job.

What step would you take to troubleshoot this or that.

What was the most difficult task you've encountered in your past experience? How did you work through it?

How are your organization skills?- They asked this question because this is a fast paced work environment. You have to be on your toes with all of your projects/tasks and make sure to stay on top of them.