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Farr Academy
High School Math Teacher was asked...December 16, 2018

What would you do if a student started swearing at you during class?

2 Answers

remind the student that they are using street language not school language and they know the difference Less

Usually for a student to escalate at that point there has to be some kind of frustration caused by either content or other outside factors. I am not there to get personally offended by the swears, I know they are let out to express the frustration and anger. I would really really try to assess that situation and leave any of my feelings out. I see that you are very angry and upset at this time, and I wouldn't want to add to more to those feelings. Could we please step outside the classroom to have a quick talk? If the students agrees to come in the hallway by the classroom door, I'd ask: "I know you are mad right now. And I really want to help you if I can. What is going on? What are you feeling? Or I apologize if I did anything or contributed to this situation. How can we work through this? What can I do to help you though this? Your input is really important in my classroom. I really need you in class. Can we make it work? Less

Ascend Public Charter Schools

What do you think went well with your demo lesson?

2 Answers

I think the structure of the lesson itself went well; (Do Now, Intro to Lesson, Independent Student Work and then Group Work). It was well planned out. Less

I had a very similar experience. The recruiter was lovely and we interviewed two e on the phone. The 3.5 hr. in person was a different story. It felt like they were just trying to tear me down. They were like hardened icicles in their approach to the interview. It was very militant. No warmth at all. Less

Virginia Beach CIty Public Schools

How would you handle a classroom with students of varying abilities?

1 Answers

Not coming from a teaching background, I did not yet know that this was called "differentiation" and my response was something along the lines of devoting my attention to those that needed the most help and provided at-home "further looks" for students that were ahead Less

DeKalb County School District

What are your experiences in education?

1 Answers

I listed my qualifications working with children.

Lahore Grammar School 55 main

Why do you want to be a teacher?

2 Answers

Because I love all children and I enjoy being around children and think they are the future so why not invest in them after all we are responsible for the next generation Less



why did you left your previous job

1 Answers

searching for better opportunities


Describe strategies you use to evaluate if a lesson has met its learning objective(s).

1 Answers

I love to do "quick Quizzes" or ticket out the door questions. the last 5 minutes of class each student will answer 1-3 questions about the topics from that day or maybe the previous day and then I can quickly assess who seemed to grasp it and who needs more work with the content. Less

Virginia Beach CIty Public Schools

Teach us how to solve this simple quadratic equation: x^2 +5x+6=0.

1 Answers

This was my first ever teaching interview, really messed this practical portion up (even though I got the right answer) because I went way too fast when I briefly described factoring and how to find the intercepts by graphing it. I forgot to mention the formula and just went way too fast in general, I believe this is why I didn't get an offer Less

Virginia Beach CIty Public Schools

What do you know about our entrepreneurship and business academy?

1 Answers

I didn't know anything about it, should've done some research

Why a Charter school

1 Answers

I wanted to try a Charter school and compare it to a CPS school.

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