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Name a time you had to solve a problem, you didn't know the answer to, without the help of a supervisor or coworker.

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This was the most difficult question for me, because I've never had too many ( if any) situations at work where there wasn't a supervisor or coworker to ask. Especially with my experience being in call centers. So I just highlighted a time i daughter the answer to a problem I didn't know the answer to without seeking someone else and found the answer on my own.

Name a time you made a mistake at work, what happened and what was the outcome.

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Name a time you went above and beyond for a customer.

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All of the questions were pretty standard and straightforward interview questions.

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Unfortunately, I do not remember all of the questions that were asked as there were many. The most important thing to remember is that you will be given a scenario and asked to tell about your experience...the STAR technique....situation or task, what was the action you took and what was the result....think of it as a conversation and relax! The more natural and genuine you are, the better you will do!

What was your last job and why did you leave.

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one of the most difficult questions asked, or at least so I thought was, "tell me a time when you have a difficult manager and what you did"? Really, I was prepared for all types of types of question even practiced the Star method of answering and I choked.

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All Behavioral Questions: based on customer service and problem solving skills were the main focus of the interview. Asked some questions about work balance.

To recall a time that I had to adapt to a new policy or regulation that changed how I did my job.