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Tell me about the position you applied for?

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Name something you did for your department to make a task easier? Explain your prior experience in mortgage?

There was no interview. INTERNAL Interviews were standard and lots of times just a formality because someone else was going to be selected

No complicated or unexpected questions asked. Was told about the company.

Nothing difficult. Bank of America has a very easy hiring process. You would have to be a dope to not pass it. They practically beg people to work for them. And if they are not interested in you, it is only because they are discriminating against you. And don't forget that discrimination can begin after your hire date. For example, they do high volume recruiting which I have come to learn means that they hire more people than they absolutely need just so that they can put people on the track for failure immediately when you walk through the door. That means that if they don't like the way you looked at them sideways, they will refuse to give you the training as promised, make you sit and suffer and then blame you because you can't get your job done. They are very poor sports over there.

What would you look for on a paystub?

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