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They inquired about my educational background and experience as related to the position, and specifically asked for details on what I did and taught as a Horticulture Instructor when I worked at a prison. In addition, we discussed some personal landscape projects I was doing /overseeing now, or had done previously. They did inquire about what I was doing now job-wise, and I informed them that some jobs I had been hired for had been cancelled or delayed due to COVID-19. At no time in the interview process, from my initial contact with them online and afterwards, did they ask for any references. In addition, in a prescreen interview over the phone, I was asked about salary expectations. They felt my expectations were too high, in light of the uncertainty with the economy , and former employees not performing up the standards they expected. I communicated to them that I understood, and would be flexible with pay. At no time, however, was a number provided by Whitaker Farms on what they had budgeted for this position or was an offer made with a number provided. We also discussed benefits, and I was told that if hired, I would be given an insurance allowance. They did provide to me a benefit sheet,. Sick pay and vacation time were included as part of the package, but Whitaker Farms did not offer to me life insurance, disability, and a 401K plan. It did not appear those benefits are offered to any employee, but to confirm, it would be best to check with them. Finally, they gave me tours of the greenhouses at the farm, to inform me what they were doing, and also gave me a tour of the garden center, where I would be primarily working. I was invited to do my own personal tour by the Assistant Manager after she left, which I took advantage of. I did contact the Assistant Manager by text after doing the tour, thanking her and everyone else for taking the time to meet with me.

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I appreciate their willingness to meet with me, however, I am disappointed that their was not "extra effort" made with communication, to reach an agreenment that would be satisfactory for all, or/and address other concerns, especially with the investment that was made. The interview was done on a Thursday, and I was never told by Whitaker Farms when they would be in touch with me next. A standard form letter was sent to me within four days, online, the following Monday, informing me that an offer would not be made. That I found disappointing, for after all the correspondence, I felt a relational response to be more appropriate. Finally, Whitaker Farms never offered to at least pay part of my trip to interview with them, which for me, was a huge investment of my time and money, in the light of today's economy. However it was my choice to travel to meet with them, regardless if they offered to help out or not. In conclusion, I want to thank Whitaker Farms for giving me at least the opportunity to correspond with them about the Horticultural Specialist position, and wish them all the best.

My lasting impression from what was written is that Whitaker Farms cares more about growing their business (increasing sales, expansion of products offered, and so on) and employ a strategy/philosophy that keeps labor.cost low, look at their.employees as a number only, instead of seeing them as a valued and essential to helping their business grow.

Who designed the gardens (Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf)?

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What was your childhood like?

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What are your teamwork skills?

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How many years of experience did I have?

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There are no difficult questions. Just be yourself, be open and honest.

Do you plan to stay in the city or move elsewhere after the internship?

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