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Instead of having a training period for 4-6 weeks, would you be open to working on a contract, hourly basis, with no commission for 4-5 months with no promises of being brought on full-time?

4 Answers

No, thank you.

All Due Respects**If Offered A Job**It is a Great Privilege * If I was There... Answer would be..Thank You..When Can I Start.. All Jobs Are Performance Related.. Rewards Come On Good Performance... AL SAYEE

**I Would Get Cracking Right Away **Work First Than We Will See What Boss Offers **

What are the lines in a hotel operating profit and loss statement.

3 Answers

Would you still considered putting in overtime if not all supplies are not possible at the moment when need of quickness.

2 Answers

Can you work late hours?

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Why do you want to leave your current position?

1 Answer

Typical questions or standard template from UC.

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do you have a servants heart?

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Basic questions of your knowledge on food cost, and questions regaurding diffrent situations as to how you would handle diffrent issues with guests and employees.

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Tell me about your experience?

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What can you offer a company.

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