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Hotel Manager Interview Questions

"When applying to be a hotel manager, interviewers will want to determine whether you have the customer service skills, leadership experience, and industry knowledge to oversee the day-to-day operations of a hotel from food preparation to front-of-house. Prepare to participate in a few role-play scenarios to evaluate how you would handle various customer complaints, describe in detail your experience in the service industry, and explain how you plan to motivate hotel staff to perform their jobs to the fullest. Employers will expect you to have a degree in hospitality or a related business field."

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How do you handle a customer service issue with a difficult customer

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The best way to handle a customer service issue is remain calm and don`t take it personal. The second step is try to understand why the customer is upset. Using the information given, you will be able to choose the best way to handle the issue. It could be a room move, a hotel credit or an adj. in the bill.

What would you discount or comp?

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Mostly explained my previous employment history and why I want to be in sales. Have a good answer.

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I was asked if I would be afraid of Bully Breed Dogs.

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Pretty much my background in Hotel Management

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How well do I know the hotel industry? What were my previous job responsibilities? Tell me about a time that an event went wrong, and how did you deal/fix it. Why do I want to come back to the hotel industry?

Not much more of me speaking about my accomplishments.

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The most difficult question you will have to answer is the goals you would have on the job... how would you know? You don't know the company or the job well enough to make suggestions about improvement for that department. Your best bet is to answer with goals for yourself and gear it toward excellent customer service.

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