Housekeeper Interview Questions

Housekeeper Interview Questions

When hiring a housekeeper, a company or private individual will ask questions about your time management skills and your ability to keep the premise tidy and clean. Employers also look for an employee who can multitask, is loyal and trustworthy, and has good listening skills.

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Top Housekeeper Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top housekeeper interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: Why are you interested in becoming a housekeeper?

How to answer: A housekeeper performs many of the same duties as a maid, such as light cleaning, but they also manage the cleaning staff, and in private homes, may help take care of children and pets. Answer with statements such as paying attention to detail, are proud to keep a room or home looking clean, and are responsible in looking after the home.

Question #2: Are you able to multitask while staying efficient in your housekeeping duties?

How to answer: An employer is looking to see if you can perform your duties as a housekeeper in a timely manner while making sure all tasks are carried out efficiently. Answer that you're organized, have a routine, and give an example of how you can handle multiple tasks at once.

Question #3: How do you make sure a customer is satisfied?

How to answer: In this question, the employer is looking for how you handle constructive criticism and how you adapt to changes in the workplace. Mention that you listen to what the client wants, adhere to their needs and rules, and that you're a quick learner.

Top Interview Questions

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Wyndham Destinations
Housekeeper was asked...June 3, 2014

How many rooms at your old job did you clean.

2 Answers

15 in 4hrs

Around 1 every half hour

IHG Hotels and Resorts

How much housekeeping experience do I have?

1 Answers

1 year.


Can you work alone?

7 Answers

Yes, working alone I tend to get more done and constrate

Yes I prefer to work alone, I accomplish more task when I work alone

Yes I can

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Marriott International

Do you know how to clean?

6 Answers

I understand,because it's my job day to day

It’s my job

I’ve been cleaning all my life

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Holiday Inn Express

Why do you want to work for us, what made you want to apply?

5 Answers

Because I love organizing and cleaning. Housekeeping is in my bones at this point in my life. I’ve been housekeeping for about 15 years and I know that I would be great for the position. Less


9 years is working Housekeper

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Have you worked in a hotel before?

5 Answers




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Super 8

Do you think you will be able to do this with your back disablility?

4 Answers

Of course

Yes without a doubt

Yes I can do it

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American Cruise Lines

Will you be able to stand and work long hours.

4 Answers

Yes I’m very outstanding with that and love to work.

Yes why not I need this job

I am intreste d this job

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G6 Hospitality
Housekeeper was asked...February 19, 2018

Can you work holidays and overtime if necessary?

4 Answers




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How do I do a clean up

4 Answers

Start with soaking the dishes get the floor cleaned, change bedding, clean rooms, clean laundry, finish dishes, and also dust the house. Less

Firstly finish kitchen work after room cleaning changing bed sheet dusting laundry last clean floor Less

Sir, at first finish my kitchen work then cleaning rooms, changing bed sheets and last clean the floor. Less

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