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Business Analyst Interview Questions in Houston, TX

Business Analyst Interview Questions in Houston, TX

When interviewing a candidate for a business analyst role, employers are looking to assess your analytical problem-solving skills as well as your communication and collaboration skills. Be prepared to analyze a business case study and answer behavioral questions that often test your ability to handle challenging stakeholders or tight deadlines. Business analysts must also be creative thinkers, so expect to tackle a few unusual brainteasers that are designed to see how well you can think through a complex problem.

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Behavioral: what is the similarity between a milk carton and a plane seat

11 Answers

I believe the answer to that question demonstrate a reasoning ability, and thought process. Looking at the two cases starting with a plane seat; plane seats are meant for comfort and support. Comfort in the sense as to soothe uneasiness in the travel. Support: to hold you in place, aligning to the motion of the plane. Second, a milk carton has more to do with support than comfort because milk are inanimate. I wouldn't think milk carton is made of the same material as plane seat because of the calculated risk involved, and value of the product: human life versus milk content. So, it has more to do with support; so that both don't fall out of place.

Duh... Both are a little squishy!

Both can float!

"You are a head chef at a restaurant and your team has been selected to be on Iron Chef. How do you prepare your team for the competition and how do you leverage the competition for your restaurant?"

5 Answers

A candle burns in 5 minutes. how do you measure 2.5 minutes

4 Answers

Have you ever been late to work before?

1 Answer

Explain how you handled a difficult situation in business

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Tell me about a mistake that you made that you later regretted

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How do you deal with stress *heh heh*?

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Describe yourself in 3 words.

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Sometimes the same question would be asked in different ways, such as how do you draw information out of a subject matter expert.

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What tool do you use to develop a use case?

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