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Increase IRR on an LBO

2 Answers

Dividend recap

Not as significant as levering more or negotiate for a cheaper price. Also increase exit price. Those are the 3 drivers

How do you value a your farmhouse if oil was discovered underneath?

1 Answer

Can a stock that is more volatile than the market have a negative beta?

1 Answer

If a company with a higher EPS purchases a company with a lower EPS, what happens to the purchaser's EPS?

1 Answer

Walk me through your resume, 3 Valuation methods, probing questions about DCF, WACC, LBO, NAV, pros and cons of using leveraged and unleveraged FCF in DCF valuation Energy Industry questions - major basins and formations, name the supermajors, international current events influencing the price of oil, recent deals, thoughts on the future of MLP . 3 statement walk through accounting question - initial transaction, end of year 1, end of year 2: sale for the original purchase price, alternate end of year 2: full write off $100 PPE purchase - 50% Cash, 50% debt with PIC interest Another accounting question - EBT increase by 100, pay $10 preferred dividend, $10 common dividend $40 down on debt

1 Answer

Prior experience, typical workday, past client responsibilities, experience with industry software

What was the latest book that you have read?

What was the most intellectually challenging job you've ever had and why?

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