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Loss Prevention Interview Questions in Houston, TX

"As a loss prevention associate, it's your job to keep an eye on customers and ensure that theft does not occur in your store. Employers are looking for candidates with strong customer service skills and a close attention to detail in order to detect any attempts of shoplifting. In an interview, you can expect a lot of situational questions that will test your ability to evaluate behavior, make difficult calls on the job, effectively interrogate suspects, and properly apprehend shoplifters."

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When can you start? (This wasn't intended to be a joke, the interview was just that easy)

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No difficult questions...all standard across the board.

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That if i was going to be able to handle the task the job was offering.

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What made you want to pick Loss Prevention and why HEB?

Can we reschedule, work with a team, work by myself, availability, comfortable with confrontation, what lp does

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When was the last time you responded to a suspicious activity either in your personal or professional life.

They asked the normal interview questions.

They asked why I wanted to join Aramco. Mentioned about growth positions being ear-marked for nationals. No situation questions.

What makes you a good candidate for this job

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