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Manager Interview Questions in Houston, TX

"Companies count on managers to make smart team decisions and oversee group members in order to maintain deadlines and keep operations running smoothly. Be prepared to answer several situational questions that will evaluate your time management skills, problem solving abilities, and ease in leading a team. Employers will also expect you to be well-versed in products and operations, so make sure to brush up on the department's relevant work."

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How do you manage multiple production department simultaneously?

1 Answer

By proper planning of ERP and conducting daily production meetings with all of the departments invlolved.

Why are manhole covers round?

9 Answers

Do you see yourself doing this?

2 Answers

Describe a situation in which a customer was going to back out of a large deal and how did you handle it?

2 Answers

Waht are the key intergration areas?

3 Answers

How would you handle a situation if you were told to redo a project after you have completed it?

2 Answers

What is the most important decision you make everyday as a store manager

2 Answers

None, they follow a standard script

2 Answers

describe a moment when a customer got you upset?

2 Answers

What has been the most meaningful thing in your life so far?

3 Answers
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