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Risk Analyst Interview Questions in Houston, TX


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"What do you know about Tricon?"

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Knew some former employees who told me the company's history.

You have a gold mine as an asset. It costs $2000/ounce to pull gold out of the ground and gold currently sells at $1500/ounce . There are no other costs involved with the mine. The only choice available to you is whether or not to pull gold out of the ground or to leave it in the ground. What is the value of the mine to you? And how do you model the value of the mine?

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Describe to me what you think your job will look like...

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The question were: Tell us about yourself. What skills would you bring? What catastrophe are you interested in and why? What do you find important about RMS? When was a time you worked with a team?

Typical questions on my experience and knowledge for doing the job. No curveballs.

Dont' remember any of the questions as it was a while back. But I remember being asked about how quickly I could read b/c the position required quality assurance

every tell me a time type question you can think of

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