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Sales Associate Interview Questions in Houston, TX

"When hiring sales associates, employers are looking for charismatic candidates who can provide helpful advice to customers and close sales. Be prepared to answer a few scenario questions that will assess your ability to handle difficult customers, sell a product, or excel on a team. Previous sales experience is an advantage, but not necessary."

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What are good questions to ask to a customer when they come in to our store?

3 Answers

"What brings you in today?" Open-ended questions.

Yes, i agree, definately open ended questions so rather than a closed question, it gives them opportunity to strike a conversation. it can even be something as little as a comment on the weather or compliment them on a piece of jewellery but it must be genuine.

"Good evening (morning or afternoon) how are you today?" "How may I assist you?" "Looking for anything specific? May I help you find something?"

How would you react if you did a great job and noone praised you?

2 Answers

If you were a character on a tv show, which character would you be and why?

4 Answers

Trying to set the amount of hours or commitment you can give them since retail demands a lot of weekend and holiday hours

1 Answer

what could I bring to the store and community

1 Answer

would i be available for weekends and evening work

1 Answer

What times I am available

1 Answer

how am I in the customer service industry?

1 Answer

How do you find the fashion trends of today's world?

1 Answer

How do you fit in the Walmart?

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