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Senior Consulting Manager Interview Questions in Houston, TX


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Give an example of when I envisioned, project managed and successfully executed a Project

Phone interview: 1: Why Accenture? What makes you, you? Why are you changing jobs? Explain this role on your resume. How many people have you lead in a team? Have you given job reviews? Have you ever sold work to a client? Basically if you claimed you did something on your resume, be able to back it up. Be friendly and ALWAYS have questions prepared. 2: Project Scenario: Example: Company XYZ is undergoing a merger with one of their competitors due to an acquisition. How would you engage the company to bring them through the change process? To prepare: research these types of questions online - google it - there are many and you can test your answering skills by writing a few scenarios down and having a peer/manager review your answers to provide feedback. Office interview: 3. Same as 2 4. Why Accenture? What is change management? What makes you a good fit for Accenture? Would you be willing to move/do this type of work, etc.? What do you know about the industry you are applying to the position for? What is your experience in the industry? What are some things that you see in the industry as challenges/benefits?

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How would you manage the centralization of procurement activities between merging companies that were previously competitors.