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Waht are the key intergration areas?

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I listed the obvious functional areas. Questioner appears to be looking for a much longer answer addressing particular interegation challenges and areas. My answer was obviously too short and general. A succesful candidate need to be able to list off a very detailed plan and appoaches to various functional areas. This was hard for me since I am not a merger integration expert in all areas, even though I have done merger integration work.

I haven't had my interview yet, still at the phone stage. But, my answer would be a little different. I would ask what their strategy was. The announcement is really the last step. If they don't have a strategy, point person within both organizations, software, hr compatibilities you have issues. The very first thing necessary is to understand the culture, needs, plan and goals of the merger / alliance. This obviously leads to a very lengthy answer but to net it out, a fast look at articles about strategic alliances development would help alot.

This is too broad of a question and requires a follow up question. What are we integrating? Processes? Business entities? Infrastructure? People? All of the above? In general, people/process/technology (PPT) needs to be integrated when merging two business entities, or you can say that PPT always need to be considered when integrating systems or business processes.

How does my experience as a teacher prepare me for being a senior staffing manager?

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I had been unemployed for slightly over a year at the time of the interview and the HR manager asked me why.

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Why are you looking for the change.

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What would you tell the CEO what he should do the day after an announced merger?

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Name a time when you had to deal with conflict in the workplace. How did you handle it?

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how much i want to make

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The SAP contractors were most interested in knowing what is my opinion about their in-memory analysis product SAP HANA. There were no questions to assess my managerial capabilities rather the two junior people with Indian origin only focused on technical items such as the Business Objects software version I used, how long before.

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Required an experience where I had sold business in a consulting environment, which was limited for me.

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Why USI.

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