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Underwriter Interview Questions in Houston, TX

"Insurance companies depend on underwriters to review insurance applications and determine whether they qualify for acceptance. Employers are looking to hire candidates with strong analytical and organizational skills and experience with computer software. In an interview context, expect to answer technical questions such as evaluating risk as well as behavioral questions that will assess your ability to work on a team and resolve difficult problems. To test your quantitative skills, an interviewer may through in a brain teaser."

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What my responsibilities would be and whether or not I was interested

1 Answer

That it was an interesting proposition. Being a recent graduate, it seemed appealing

Tell me about yourself, why insurance, why property, why zurich

1 Answer

Work experience in insurance

1 Answer

Questions on experience, current & past employment, questions about knowledge of sales and customer service, career goals

1 Answer

Nothing difficult. For the most part they wanted to know how much I knew about the position, what kind of environment I was comfortable working in, and some of the other basic questions. Very easy interview

Name an instance where you had a conflict with a coworker and how you responded?

What is your perspective on ownership versus accountability?

Technical: Walk me through the statement of cash flows

1 Answer

Technical: If you bought a piece of equipment how will that affect the income statement?

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