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HR Assistant Interview Questions

"An employer hiring a human resources assistant will want applicants who have the clerical and administrative skills to help with the logistics of running the HR department. Prepare to describe your time management processes, communication skills, and organizational habits extensively, as these traits will assure your employer that your are fit to handle large documents, keep administrative records, and coordinate schedules among other administrative tasks."

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How did you design a performance management system? And was it successful? Why or why not?

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"One size, does not fit all" I designed a performance management system where the business/strategic goals were aligned with the HR Department's goals as to measure the success of each employee and help improve the process and procedures. It was successful because the turn-over rate decreased, productivity increased, and sales were booming!

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How experienced are you in Excel?

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Explain reasonable accommodation in regards to the ADA.

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How do you handle multiple tasks that all have a deadline.

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What was your biggest achievement? Tell me a time where you made a mistake and how did you fix it? How do you decide which task is more important to take first?

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How can your skills be an asset to our company?

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If I liked people and could I answer phones and put together surveys for different time zones

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Could you work in this environment? The foundry is hot, dirty and loud.

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What sets you apart from other potential employees

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Can you interact with both the shop personnel and the office personnel?

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